Joel steinberg
Diabetes and cardio Coaching
serving Washington DC and the dmv area and out of town via facetime or zoom

Coaching for diabetics

I am a very unique Diabetic Coach. i am experienced in managing diabetes. I have my blood sugar under control, and my exercise and diet figured out and I SHOW UP EVERY DAY. 


My goal is to give you the confidence to have much better blood work the next time your doctor asks for blood work.

IF YOU WORK WITH ME YOU WILL FIND SUCCESS AND FEEL BETTER. You will make small changes and this will lead to big results.


Joel sTEINBERG'S  story

My present sustained success with Diabetes and Cardio matters after struggles with it are a good part of the reason that i have a passion to guide others in their quest for health. In addition, my spiritual perspective on life is another aspect that contributes to my passion. My spiritual foundation is based on doing everything I can to allow gratitude and humility to be a major part of my life. I regularly have my own quiet mindful meditation time to allow myself to have peace of mind.I think that if we take a holistic approach towards our health and life , gradual improvements  occur naturally.

As i diabetic, a pre-diabetic , or concerned about a tendency to become a diabetic, being resilient is critical. It is natural for self doubt and negative self talk to occur. 

As we meet regularly, belief in yourself to do better and jump over the hurdles of life  will become more and more a force of habit. Changing habits is where progress occurs.

As someone with cardiovascular issues, the application of these principles is just as effective. 

MY BLOODWORK:I am a diabetic and i used to take insulin.I no longer take insulin. I Have a 5.3 A1C, cholesterol of 97,HDL of 47,and LDL of 27, triglycerides 115. 


Studies suggest that aTG/ HDL ratio over 3 is a reliable predictor of insulin resistance.Mine is now 2.45. Ths did improvement did not happen without effort and habit change


I know how to do this and i will help you inspire yourself t do this.


my philosophy

I Am Passionate About Inspiring Others

Each person comes to me with a different life story, and his or her diabetes or fear of diabetes is different. Each of you has different habits, different diets, different exercise patterns, and different capacities to change.

Two primary aspects of my diabetic coaching program are 1) Deep listening to you with compassion, humility and an open heart, and,  2)a focus on gradual habit change.No judgement involved. We all have habits we dont want that come from years of living beginning in youth.

You can learn the best diet plan, the best exercise program , the best meds for you, and we will work on all that, but the key to success in improving your health is habit change, and that the ways we will work on that, you will find remarkable

Change will ultimately come from you, and you alone.I, as your diabetic or cardio coach will help you make that commitment to yourself to make small incremental changes which will implement dramatic results.

If you have tried many diets but still have trouble either resisting those carbs, or talking yourself out of taking that walk or going to the gym, i will help you make those small incremetal changes that lead to more success for you.

You may not always accomplish the task, but that is not failure, it is part of your journey. This is life. This is what habit change is all about.

Mindfulness will be a tool in our work together, whether it be with HOW we eat, or HOW we live our life or choosing WHAT we eat.

In many ways how we eat, and our attitude is more  important as WHAT we eat.Do you chew your food thoroughly for effective digestion? Are you the fastest eater at the table?

There are many diets to choose from. Some prefer Keto, Some, prefer the Dash Diet, some prefer low fat, some prefer high fat. The attitude you bring to eating will go a long way towards success.

What i do and what i will do with you

When you are first diagnosed with Diabetes , it is usually an emotionally stressful and discouraging experience. Your doctor may prescribe medication, and he likely will suggest you see a nutritionist who will give you advice on what to eat , carbs and protein and sugar.

You will go home, and be lost about what changes to make in your diet and exercise program as you feel like your whole  lifestyle needs to change.

To manage diabetes, it is counter-productive to turn your whole world upside down. 

Small incremental life changes rapidly turn into high quality results that your doctor will quickly notice as he/she sees your blood work and speaks to you.

I am your personal advocate for living an energized and passionate life as we transform your diabetes from a burden to a blessing.

My 90 day program is about transformation. habit change, and RESULTS!!

You will have a FREE 50 minute session as I will go over with you 

I create a safe and positive space to discover what is holding them back. Along the way , i give practical suggestions while we walk through this process step by step.

With emotional support and accountability, consistency arrives and small incremental changes become integrated into your daily life.

As a diabetic, have you noticed that after an ice cream cone, or a sweet snack you feel a little tired or sleepy. It ca be a blessing to have such signs available to us to help us transform.

I guide my clients towards a healthier diabetic life and transformation to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

As i have worked with diabetics and people with cardio concerns i have attracted others for coaching. I have attracted






It is undeniable that excessive stress can contribute towards high blood sugar. It raises cortisol levels. When cortisol is continuously released through your body it makes it hard to carry on our day to day lives. Adding a need to control blood sugar and blood pressure, increases the need for powerful laser focused coaching sessions that will help stimulate small changes in your lifestyle lead to substantial health and lifestyle benefits


As we work together we will explore

*Simple things we can do to avoid those moments when we are tempted to eat what we generally would not eat, and we will talk about it regularly 

*If you take meds for diabetes and/ or cardio, things we can do to stay healthy, and avoid low blood sugar

*Understand WHEN to eat as well as WHAT to eat

* How to gently progress in your exercise routine, whether it involves a short walk or long bike ride or something in between​

* Discover ways to change your self-talk and have more confidence boing forward in life

* Discover that Diabetes or cardio issues can be used to allow you to have greater health and quality of life than if you never had any health matters to concern your self with.

What i will do as your diabetic Coach

OUR 90 DAY diabetes transformation PROGRAM will change your life

habit change

Our 90 day program is the best, but not the only way to get started with our diabetic or pre-diabetic program. my clients that are referred to me by Endocrinologists generally start with this AFTER the free initial meeting.

Since HABIT CHANGE isa focus of my program my 90 day program is the most effective way to integrate NEW HABITS. 

This program consists of 

*12 weekly 50 minute coaching sessions

*Email and text support between sessions

*Free access to workshops

*Positive support and encouragement to follow through

* Each session will have a discussion of your progress and you will receive recommendations and action steps

* Suggestions for adjustments in diet and exercise 

*Stress reduction techniques including meditation, mindful eating, and deep relaxation

*Laser coaching based on your individual needs

*If helpful a written progress report to your physician

Before we start any coaching program we will start with a free 50 minute session to explain our program and to determine if we are a good fit together

What can i expect for results ?


Your personalized program will radically improve your health.

You will see it in your every day life, in how you feel. You will see it in your daily attitude, and your energy level.When the time comes for your blood tests, you will see it when you get the results.IN GENERAL, LIFE WILL BE BETTER!.

During the course of the program, you will :

*Set and accomplish goals .             *Gain emotional and spiritual clarity

*Explore different things to eat .      *Increased self confidence 


*Potential medicine adjustment**    *Explore mindful eating .            

*Improved sleep .                                *Ignited Life Passion

*Positive Attitude .                               *Transform diabetes into a blessing

** only from Physician