What i do as your diabetes


As your Diabetes Coach, after your free 45 minute session we will begin the process of transformation.

Although i will not give you any medical advice i am well familiar with the latest protocols an endocrinologist uses.

I am familiar with this as a result of two factors.

First, i regularly receive the latest research and protocols from a prominent research endocrinologist and from time to time discuss current protocols with him.

Secondly, my personal experience and success over the last 25 years have taught me so much.

My 90 day program is about transformation, self empowerment, habit change and results.

You have been told numerous times that taking your meds, exercising, and eating healthy are the keys to a healthy diabetic life.

If it was that simple, most people would not need a diabetes coach.

I create a safe place to explore more deeply what is preventing you from changing  gradually change your habits to implement remarkable transformation.

You will receive  specific and practical recommendations as we explore what you eat, how you eat, and how you exercise ,if at all.